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Updated August 04, 2020 at 02:44 PM EDT
True Blood, Annie Lennox
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An informal Enter the Fray poll: The best part of Thanksgiving is cold turkey sandwiches the next day, yes or yes? Now that I’ve recovered from eating my body weight in delicious turkey and can-shaped cranberry sauce (that’s just how I roll), let’s take a walk down Enter the Fray Lane and count down this week’s top posts.

10. Annie Barrett predicted who would win the Dancing With the Stars finale.

9. Lauren and Audrina had a spat over Justin Bobby on The Hills.

8. Rob ”Magic Hair” Pattinson was dreamy (like always), but that’s just a fact. This week, he was also on The Tonight Show.

7. The Real Houswives of Atlanta reunited. This just in: Kim’s still totally insane.

6. Jack Bauer came back to kick some ass on 24: Redemption.

5. The Shield finale blew Dan Snierson’s mind.

4. You all got a little heated about the awesome True Blood season finale (can’t wait for next summer).

3. About five million different people performed at the American Music Awards.

2. Twilight finally came out, and you told us what you thought about the film.

1. Sexy vampire fanatics, rejoice: the Twilight sequel was greenlit last weekend. The rest of you, commiserate with Clark Collis.

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