By Tanner Stransky
Updated November 28, 2008 at 05:00 PM EST

SoapNet: Friday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Why you should gobble up 12 hours of the SoCal, so-cool crew: Thanksgiving may be all about family, but let’s be honest: You’re gonna want to escape crazy Aunt Sally and her lace-up leather skinnies at some point. So why not take a trip to one of the most escapist places on earth — the ridiculous, teen-tastic (and then 20-something-tastic) world created in Beverly Hills, 90210. And even better: The marathon is so aptly, Thanksgivingly themed as “Kelly’s Leftovers,” so it’s a veritable buffet of the men — Dylan, Brandon, Steve, and Matt are featured — that Jennie Garth’s character loved (and left) over the years. Mmmm, now that’s some tasty meat.

Must-see episode: “Back in the High Life Again” (1 p.m.), an early season 3 staple, is where all the delicious Brenda/Kelly drama truly began. During a brisk walk in the park, new couple Dylan and Kelly finally reveal to a brooding, kicked-to-the-curb Brenda (who’s wearing a bad-ass black leather vest and black leather jacket combo) that they’re a couple. And they hooked up when she was in Paris over the summer. (You can catch that penultimate episode, “Shooting Star/American in Paris,” at 12 p.m.!) “Look, I hate you both!” screamed Brenda after they dropped the bombshell on her. “Never talk to me again!” Cue the sad, sad music. Check out the dramatic scene here:

How about you, PopWatchers? Planning on a Turkey Day ass plant courtesy of Beverly Hills, 90210? Which Kelly Taylor-centric episode is your favorite? And come on back after you wolf down a few hours and share any thoughts/dreams/new observations you may may have stumbled upon during your TV gluttony.