Determine which of the bigwig's legal battles is bogus

By Missy Schwartz
November 28, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

Does Harvey Weinstein love the dusty smell of a courtroom? Yes, given all the legal battles he’s juggling. Can you guess which of the following isn’t on his own personal docket?

1. NBC Universal v. the Weinstein Co. Bravo’s parent is PO’d that Weinstein moved Project Runway to Lifetime. Weinstein says Bravo sabotaged season 5 with ”mundane” ads.

2. Lifetime v. NBC Universal, Bravo, and the Weinstein Co. The cable network is suing, well, everyone, for the right to air Runway season 6, now in limbo.

3. The Weinstein Co. v. Kenley Collins Weinstein blames the season 5 contestant for creating a ”hostile” environment. Also stipulated: ”too many stupid, feathery hats.”

Answer: We wish it were real, but No. 3 is the fake.