Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Robert Downey Jr., ''Sex and the City,'' and Shia LaBeouf

By EW Staff
Updated November 28, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

  • Comeback Kid
  • Thank you for giving Robert Downey Jr. this much-deserved accolade (Entertainers of the Year, No. 1). I have been a fan of Downey’s through good times and sad times. There were years I was worried if he would even survive, let alone have the opportunity to share his enormous talent again. His story is proof that one should never give up. Whether he wants to be or not, the man is a huge inspiration.
  • Judy Barker
  • Salem, Ore.

Robert Downey Jr. has certainly gone through the ups and downs of Hollywood, and he has lived to talk about it and make amends. As a longtime fan, I am beyond thrilled that he’s finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Thank you for the amazing pictures and wonderful cover story.
Roxana Paz
San Jose, Calif.

I will see any Robert Downey Jr. film, no matter the subject, because I love to watch him on screen. I have always found him to be a remarkable actor, and he ranks as one of my favorites. It’s so gratifying to see him enjoying all this phenomenal success and receiving all this positive attention!
Sandi Belcher
Waynesboro, Va.

He will have plenty more opportunities, but I would have included Shia LaBeouf on your list. Picked by the most powerful director to be Indiana Jones’ son, and with his solo, more adult vehicle Eagle Eye to soon hit $100 million, LaBeouf certainly qualifies.
Marlon Wallace
Dover, Del.

Madonna had the year’s highest-grossing tour — $163 million and counting, with several shows to go. This is one of her best-reviewed tours, and she is probably the biggest entertainer of our time, yet she didn’t make your list? If the two hours she is on stage each night giving out the energy of a 20-year-old isn’t entertainment at its best, I don’t know what is.
Brett Faber
Aurora, Neb.

I didn’t see any mention of Kathy Griffin and her Life on the D-List in ”The Stars of Bravo” (No. 12). I love that show more than any of the ones you listed. She even won an Emmy for D-List. So what’s up with you guys?
Margaret Rogers
Newburyport, Mass.

Sex and the Movies
In ”The Women of Sex and the City” (No. 8), writer Missy Schwartz’s comment that ”the movie offered undeniable proof that women will spend their cash at the cineplex” is dead wrong. It was proof that people will go to see a good film starring women. As for female moviegoers, we are a large part of the success of The Dark Knight and Iron Man. Many women (as well as men) find great filmmaking the only thing worth spending their hard-earned cash on.
Katherine Ratcliffe
Comer, Ga.

Writer Missy Schwartz responds: Katherine, I think we’re essentially making the same point — the industry tends to ignore women. The success of Sex and the City vindicated those of us who have always known that quality female-fronted movies are financially viable because yes, we will show up. This doesn’t mean that so-called ”women’s films” are the only ones worth our time. But it’s high time Hollywood woke up and smelled the opportunity.