By Tanner Stransky
Updated November 26, 2008 at 09:16 PM EST

Not quite everything about the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was revealed during last night’s get-together. Namely, we still don’t know who that effing elusive Big Poppa is! But we learned loads more about this rabble-rousing bunch of crazy ladies from the South. And gloriously enough, the episode focused mostly on NeNe and Kim’s bad blood. Here, I give you a quick primer the five most important (thus, exclamation-pointed!) points from the evening:

1. BOMBSHELL: That is NOT Kim’s real hair! You needn’t be a stylist to know this, but Kim finally revealed that she does, in fact, wear a weave. But the reason isn’t so funny: She was sick. I’m not about to begrudge a person for losing their hair to unavoidable illness, but it seems like all the speculation about her tresses (and her age — she still claims to be 29!!) could have been solved simply by being honest about it in the first place. Finally, Kim was truthful — you can watch her emotional breakdown about the whole sitch here:

2. Don’t mess with NeNe! Her blowout with Kimwas, in a word: amazing. At one point NeNe called Kim a “trashbox” anda “trashy hooker” in the same breath. What was most fascinatingabout this fight was that neither lady seemed to know what, exactly,they were fighting about. One minute they “debated” about Kim’s dalliance withBig Poppa (“Close your legs to married men!” Nene screeched), the nextit was about NeNe trashing Kim for her truly heinous singing. Duringthat portion, the best part wasn’t hearing the deluded babble coming out ofKim’s mouth — it was the simple reaction shots from NeNe. Instead of hersignature “eyes poppin’, lips bustin’,” you could say it was “eyesrollin’, lips pursin’.” Genius, NeNe, genius.

3. Thank goodness for Dwight! Just when things were getting heated between all the ladies, Andy Cohen brought out a surprise: NeNe’s gay boyfriend, Dwight! He was truly the antidote that was needed at the moment: Dwight brought his fun and fancy-free attitude to the couches and said all the fighting was “tres tres tres declassé.” He told Kim to fix her weave but admitted that, more than any of the crazy women on the couch there with him, he was the biggest diva of all. So true.

4. Shereé and DeShawn are total snoozes! Because the showdoes in fact have five cast members, the reunion couldn’t totally focus on thefireworks between NeNe and Kim (and then, Lisa), so I suppose I shouldmention how the far-less-interesting Shereé and DeShawn figured into the evening. Shereé rattled on about her delusional confidence and how her fashion line She by Shereé will launch in fall 2009; DeShawn talked about learning her lesson with her uber-botched benefit and claimed that she didn’t know how much she paid her house staff. (Riiiiight, DeShawn.) Whoa, I honestly just surprised myself with how much I actually paid attention to their underwhelming segments.

5. Season 2 is imminent! When questioned about Big Poppa, Kim once again refused to reveal his identity but did mention that their relationship is “off and on.”Even better than that, though, was the true (although maybe I’m reading too much into it) reveal from the chatter. Kim said: “Stay tuned becauseyou may see what happens on next season.” Screw the blasted Big Poppa revelation,we’re getting season 2! Wheeee! Christmas has come early for this Real Housewives devotee!

Now over to you PopWatchers: What floored you from last night’s reunion? Did you enjoy it all as much as I did? Does NeNe deserve her own spin-off? How much would you love to see devoted fan Anderson Cooper actually interview her? Discuss any bombshells or other heniousity below in the comments!