By Michael Ausiello
November 26, 2008 at 04:02 PM EST

Question: Got any 24 scoop to tide us over until January? — Jack
A pivotal character from last Sunday’s Redemption movie will die within the first four hours of Day 7.

Question: What’s the deal with evil Tony on 24? What made him go postal? — Craig
I hear it has something to do with his wife being blown to bits three years ago. Apparently he didn’t take it too well.

Question: Will Audrey Raines (a.k.a. Kim Raver) turn up on 24 this season now that Lipstick Jungle is no more? — Carina
Ausiello: As far as I know, she’s still in a catatonic state at the beach with that schemer from Knots Landing. (FYI: The script for the season finale of 24 was already written and locked when the ax fell on Lipstick.)

Question: Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money? I can’t believe they axed all three! What are we to do? — Mary
For starters, you can watch all the remaining episodes. And tell your friends to do the same. Because short of an 11th hour ratings resurgence, all three are history.

Question: Tell me more about this Grey’s AnatomyPrivate Practice crossover. I’m intrigued… — Gloria
It’ll take place over the course of three episodes (Feb. 5, 12, and 19) and the only confirmed participant as of now is Kate Walsh.

Question: Okay, I’ll bite: Which Brothers & Sisters character will suffer a life-threatening medical crisis in March? — Toni
I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but here’s a possible clue: Rumor has it producers are casting a love interest for Kitty. His ETA? April.

Question: Is Mary McDonnell going to be back on Grey’s Anatomy? I loved her Dr. Dixon. I watched last week’s episode thinking she’d be back, but she wasn’t. — Jackie
Her second of three episodes airs Dec. 4. Personally, I wasn’t a fan. You know I worship the ground McDonnell walks on, but I found her Asperger’s depiction a tad over the top. And I’m not alone. Megan, a self-proclaimed Aushole and Asperger’s sufferer, called the portrayal “robotic and single focused — which we are but not to that degree. Grey’s missed the boat on this one. Instead of normal with slight social misperceptions, it came off as a bad version of a high-functioning autistic, and they’re two different things.”

Question: I didn’t think Shonda Rhimes could come up with anything worse than Gizzie on Grey’s Anatomy, but this ghost Denny business is about one episode away from officially being the worst thing the show has ever done. Please tell me it will be over soon! — Nick
Ausiello: Afraid not. Denny will be haunting Izzie at least through February. In possibly related news, the title of episode 14 is “Beat Your Heart Out.” Hmmm….

Question: Enough with Izzie-Denny and Cristina-Owen. I’m surprised that no one has asked about another “situation” that I’ve noticed on Grey’s Anatomy since the season began: The slow and steady flirtation between Mark and Lexie. Where are they going with this? — Megan
To first base in early ’09, and I can’t wait. McSteamy is actually making Lexie (gulp) interesting.

Question: Why has T.R. Knight had only a few scenes per episode on Grey’s Anatomy recently? — Jessie
I did some digging and, unfortunately, there’s nothing juicy to report. I’m told it’s just part of the natural ebb and flow of storylines. He’ll start flowing again next year when he gets mixed up in the Alex-Izzie-Denny story, but not in any romantic sort of capacity. Shonda may be kooky but she’s not a masochist.

Question: How come ABC has issues with lesbians on Grey’s Anatomy, but no problem with all the guy-on-guy make-out sessions on Brothers & Sisters? — Jennifer
I honestly don’t think the suits at ABC are scared of gay men or lesbians. They just despised the character of Erica Hahn and her romance with Callie. And as soon as they had proof that the audience agreed, they dumped Brooke Smith. As an ABC insider explains, “In the process of doing some maintenance polling, the sample group for Grey’s hated the Callie/Erica coupling while still liking Callie.” 

Question: Please give me scoop on Women’s Murder Club. — Denise
Still canceled.

Question: Last night’s Shield finale was awesome! Please tell me there will be a movie at some point. — Dennis
I’ll do you one better. I’ll let series creator Shawn Ryan tell you in this exclusive morning-after Q&A. (Beware of spoilers!)

Question: “A miracle. A true blue spectacle. A miracle come true.” Okay, Barry Manilow, message received. Care to drop another hint as to what exactly this means for Christmas on House? — Leanne
Baby, baby, I’m taken with the notion. To love you with the sweetest of devotion. Baby, baby, my tender love will flow from. The bluest sky to the deepest ocean.

Question: Will Don Bellisario be involved in the NCIS spin-off? — Justin
That’s a good one. Are you a comedian? If not, you should be. I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.

Question: What’s up with the new Wilson son, Sean, on 90210? Is he a fake? I can’t wait until Jan. 6 to find out! — Sarah
Go back and watch the final scene from last week’s episode again. You’ll find your answer there.

Question: Got any 90210 scoop? — Sarah
Ty’s getting himself some parents. Annie’s Spring Awakening costar will soon be reunited with his WASPy mom and impeccably groomed dad.

Question: What scoop do you have on Battlestar Galactica?  I know the identity of the last cylon is hush-hush, but you must have other tidbits to tide me over until Jan. 16. — Paige
Actually, the final cylon — not so hush-hush. Speaking of BSG, awesome promo alert!

Question: Any scoop on the Eric and Calleigh romance on CSI: Miami? — Carolina
There’s nothing like a brush with death to make you appreciate those around you. Calleigh will learn that lesson the hard way this February.

Question: Are we going to see some Heroes deaths before “Villains” is over? And is he/she going to actually stay dead? — Dan
I know of at least one, and, well, let’s just say I was not happy. I have a hunch we’ll see a lot more permanent bloodshed in “Fugitives.” In related news, Heroes is looking for an actor in his 40s to play a member of a bomb squad who is called on to defuse an explosive situation.

Question: Got any Gossip Girl scoop related to Dan and Serena? — Jodi
Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited ’cause we understood. There’s one perfect fit, and, sugar, this one is it. We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey.

Question: How can I write to Bryan Fuller to thank him for Pushing Daisies and tell him it’s one of the smartest, most clever series ever? — Lulu
You just did.

Question: Any word on the return of Breaking Bad? — Casey
It’s back in March, and here’s some exclusive casting scoop: Giancarlo Esposito of he’s been in everything fame is joining the cast as a potential new business partner for Bryan Cranston.

Question: At the end of “Bride” episode of Smallville we see someone I’m presuming is Lex. Will Michael Rosenbaum be making his return to Smallville anytime soon? — Gilles
Okay, I have to choose my words carefully here: There is no deal…currently in place…for Michael Rosenbaum to…return…to Smallville.

Question: What’s cookin’ on the ER front? — Gary
A sister for Linda Cardellini’s Sam! Her estranged (and yet to be cast) sib turns up later this season to deliver some horrific news.

Question: Supernatural scoop, please? — Josh
Cougar alert! Supexecs are casting the role of a sexy and smart thirtysomething doctor who likes booze and one night stands. And young men with the last name Winchester.

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