By Annie Barrett
Updated November 24, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Okay, dance masters — who’s going to take home TV’s most insignificant trophy tomorrow night: the hyper-extended Brooke Burke, surprising lover of sequins Warren Sapp, or no one’s favorite ’90s boy bander, Lance Bass? This morning, I participated in AOL Television’s ‘DWTS’ Winner Predictions gallery with my prognosis: Lance. I think our little cosmonaut will surprise everyone by winning and then immediately shooting up into space with his new mirror-ball bauble. They’ll probably have to whittle his trophy into a trapezoid to make it as “edgy” as he is. Meanwhile, I’d like to nominate Brooke’s fringed pants (pictured, duh, you cannot look away) for Best And By Best I Obviously Mean Worst DWTS Costuming Atrocity Of The Season (BABBIOMWDWTSCAOTS). It’s a very competitive category. For more on DWTS, be sure to check out my always illuminating[ly tacky] TV Watch tomorrow morning.

Who do you think will win DWTS, and which costume gets your vote for BABBIOMWDWTSCAOTS?

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