By Amy Wilkinson
Updated November 23, 2008 at 05:10 AM EST


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Basking in the glow of Twilight‘s boffo reception at the box office, Summit Entertainment, the fledgling studio behind the teen vampire romance flick, wasted no time announcing that a movie version of the saga’s second novel, New Moon, is now officially a go.

As a fan of the Stephenie Meyer-penned series, I’m cautiously optimistic about the sequel, but it’s hard not to think about several obstacles to overcome in moving the story from the page to the big screen. First is the quantity — and quality — of the special effects it requires. With its morphing werewolves and new locations, the budget for New Moon will figure to have to be substantially larger than Twilight’s paltry $37 million price tag to make it credible. (I can’t be the only one disappointed with the running and sun-induced “dazzle” effects in the first flick.) Second is the prospect of a largely Robert Pattinson-free script. Not to give too much away to newcomers, but Pattinson’s heartthrob vamp Edward Cullen is largely absent from Meyer’s second novel. Clearly, Pattinson and his perfectly coiffed hair have been a big draw for smitten Twilight fans. The filmmakers will either need to figure out a way to bring Edward into the plot or risk the possibility Team Edwarders might feel disappointed. And finally, in the realm of special effects, how the heck is Taylor Lautner going to grow a foot within the next year to portray the gargantuan Jacob?

Are you excited about the confirmation of a sequel, Twilighters? Will you see the flick even if Rob isn’t in it so much? Got any suggestions on how to make the next movie better than the first? Which New Moon scene(s) are you dying to see on the big screen?

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