Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Mormon-themed stage show, and why the ban on gay marriage could hurt the Utah-based film festival

The latest fallout from California’s controversial Proposition 8? A potential boycott of Park City, Utah’s Sundance Film Festival. Earlier this month, an activist blogger urged filmmakers to skip the January 2009 fest as a way to hit back at the Utah-based Mormon church, whose members donated millions of dollars in support of the gay-marriage ban. Yet the call to arms hasn’t gained much traction, perhaps because Sundance has long supported gay cinema — it hosted 1991’s Paris Is Burning and launched 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry. ”People have real emotion around this issue,” says Sundance Institute spokesperson Brooks Addicott. ”But we have a long history of championing diversity. So we hope people come and have conversations.”

Assuming Sundance proceeds as planned, the church may soon face a new storm anyway. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are developing a stage extravaganza called Mormon Musical, which they hope will someday hit Broadway. While the show will undoubtedly pack the kind of polemical punch we’ve come to expect from Parker and Stone, it won’t mention Proposition 8. ”We’ve been working on it for years,” explains Stone, ”so it’s not really current event-y. It’s about Joseph Smith and stuff. Hopefully, it’ll open and make as much as Cats.”