SciFi sex scenes -- ''Species,'' ''Cat People,'' and ''Demon Seed'' all feature human-on-non-human action

By Tim Purtell
Updated November 21, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

SciFi sex scenes

Hey, why should humans have all the fun? Herewith, a look at some carnal encounters of the third, fourth, and fifth kind.

Species (1995)
Even aliens have biological clocks! Take Sil (Natasha Henstridge), a model-gorgeous, murderous human/alien hybrid searching for Mr. Right.
Sexiest Moment: Suitor No. 1 gets a killer French kiss. And we do mean killer.

Cat People (1982)
In this explicit update of a ’40s supernatural chiller, Nastassja Kinski plays a woman who morphs into a black leopard when aroused.
Sexiest Moment: Pretty much any time the lush Kinski appears starkers.

Demon Seed (1977)
Warning: Your iPhone may like you that way. A fetching Julie Christie is impregnated by a psychotic, horny computer named Proteus.
Sexiest Moment: Proteus’ orgasmic light-show as he inserts his ”synthetic spermatozoa.”