EW's TV scooper has details about Izzie's haunting on ''Grey's Anatomy,'' characters kissing on ''House,'' and more

By Michael Ausiello
Updated November 21, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

Izzie’s haunting isn’t lethal on Grey‘s
Many Grey’s Anatomy fans have come up with a logical explanation for Izzie’s (Katherine Heigl) protracted love affair with the ghost of her dead fiancé Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan): She has a brain tumor, and he’s beckoning her to the afterlife, thus paving the way for Heigl’s dramatic exit later this season. There’s just one tiny problem with that widely embraced theory — it’s not true.

”I can’t wait for our viewers to see where we’re taking [this story],” responds series creator Shonda Rhimes. ”But what it won’t involve is Izzie having a brain tumor.”

Okay, then where is this unorthodox (and, based on an avalanche of feedback at EW.com, really unpopular) romance headed? Rhimes, who never met a spoiler she didn’t want to stab repeatedly with a scalpel, isn’t spilling. ”It’s my hope,” she says, ”to have this love story play out on the show itself.”

To that end, even the actors responsible for selling the story to the skeptical public are being kept in the dark. ”I would be the last person they’d tell,” insists Morgan, who, I’m told, will be sticking around at least through February. ”I have a big mouth…. All I know is that Shonda has something really special planned, so I show up for work and I do what they ask me to do.”

Still not buying it? New doc on the block Kevin McKidd, who was recently promoted to full-fledged series regular, suggests doubting viewers go out and rent Anthony Minghella’s 1990 afterlife-romance weeper Truly, Madly, Deeply. ”It’s a similar sort of thing,” he offers. ”It’s really not all that unusual.”

Ask Ausiello

Q: Any exciting surprises coming up on House? —Yolanda
A: Yes, and they all seem to be jammed into the Dec. 9 episode. In addition to the first-ever smooch between budding lovebirds Foreman and Thirteen, the holiday-themed outing also boasts a show-altering twist that is nothing short of a miracle. A true-blue spectacle, if you will. A miracle come true. (Hint: It doesn’t involve a Barry Manilow cameo. I swear.)

Q: I’m dying for some scoop on Brothers & Sisters. Got anything? —Eva
A: You’re dying for Brothers & Sisters scoop, and I’ve got Brothers & Sisters scoop about someone possibly dying: It’s kismet! A special two-hour episode this March will find a member of the Walker clan experiencing a potentially life-threatening medical crisis. I know just what you’re thinking: ”Please, let it be Tommy.” How do I know this? Because that was my first reaction, too! Great minds…

Q: When is Big Love back? I haven’t heard anything about its return. —Jill
A: The third season launches Jan. 18, and it looks like the grim reaper will be guest-starring on this show, too. I hear there will be at least two significant deaths this season, one of which is so top secret, only a handful of people witnessed it. ”The scene wasn’t on the call sheet and was shot with minimal crew,” whispers an insider. ”But it wasn’t too hard to figure out what was going on. The screaming was painful.”