By Annie Barrett
Updated November 20, 2008 at 10:24 PM EST
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The fate of Project Runway remains as elusive as perpetually missing season 2 contestant Andre, with the Lifetime network jumping on the lawsuit-filing bandwagon. NBC Universal has already sued the Weinstein Company (and won), and the Weinstein Co. has sued Bravo. Now Lifetime’s suing the Weinsteins. What’s next? With Bravo developing a Runway knockoff as the original stays embroiled in court, we think Heidi, Tim, and the gang should capitalize on the ridiculousness and high drama inherent in the U.S. legal system and begin a competitive reality series called Project Litigation or, ideally, Good Moh-ning, Litigat-uhs! The contestants: Reps from the companies suing each other (Weinsteins, Lifetime, NBC) and maybe Janice Dickinson just for the hell of it. They can just abandon the fashion premise, and instead go with small-scale “legal challenges” like taking action against a little girl for not crediting Country Time at her lemonade stand, or writing a strongly worded letter in mutlicolored Sharpies to my crazy downstairs neighbor/landlord who refuses to keep the heat on for more than five minutes at a time. Nina Garcia could play the role of fancy stenographer during panels, but refuse to do anything except just glare at everyone. The winner of the show gets $100,000 in damages from Runway‘s producers, and an opportunity to host a show on Tru TV. Losers must sign up for a Victoria’s Secret Angels card, which is free and, for the record, a really bad idea.

Which Lawsuit Challenges would you like the Project Litigation players to take on? Remember, no idea is too insignificant for these hotheads. Especially my final one: “Foh yoh next challenge! Get to the bottom of why EW’s vending machine once proffered a can of regular Pepsi — which wasn’t even an option — in February 2005…”


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