By Tanner Stransky
Updated November 19, 2008 at 09:44 PM EST

Last night’s season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was, predictably, just more of what we’ve seen in the first six episodes: Kim still couldn’t carry a tune to save her life (and her producer told her so); Shereé continued her delusional quest to become a fashion designer, with the inexplicable help of beloved Project Runway finalist Mychael Knight (Why, Mychael, why? You’re better than that…); DeShawn annoyed with a cooking session during which she WORE A GOWN and proved she wouldn’t be able to point out a pot in a simple 12-piece cooking set; and Lisa tried to be the peacemaker between Kim, Shereé, and NeNe by hosting a truce-hopeful dinner where the three danced around just totally duking it out.

But the episode — and specifically the final, resolution-devoid dining experience — seemed like only a run-up to the real event: Next week’s reunion special! That’s right, there’s more!

If you’ve watched the show this season you know this, but a preview clip of the reunion (which ran during commercial breaks) only further proves that the show’s breakout star NeNe “I am the Joneses” Leakes is the only one with a freakin’ backbone. Girl tells Kim like it is: “You better calm down!” she screams at one point. “I’ll see you outside.” Um, can the cameras follow them please? Classy footballer wife Lisa blows-out with the blonde nitwit, too, but I’m most interested in the NeNe/Kim showdown, so I’ve posted the clip below. Luuuurve the fireworks! Check it out now:

Soooo, PopWatchers, how pumped are you for the reunion special? Are you on Team Kim or Team NeNe? If you were interviewer Andy Cohen, what questions would you ask the ridiculous ladies? Are you dying for Season 2? Let out your enthusiasm/hatred in the comments section!