By Tanner Stransky
Updated November 14, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

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The scariest/most greatest thing ever happened on last night’s Ugly Betty: Wilhelmina wielded a hunting rifle! And no, she wasn’t using it to kill of any of her rivals at Mode. Although, she did threaten Claire with it once. But honestly, who knew Willy was a hunter? Of course, the situation brought about a plethora of great one-liners for the ferocious editrix, which brings us right to the issue at hand. Last night’s equally heart-warming (Daniel’s love for Betty is so sweet) and sad (poor Cliff!) episode, as usual, was rife with quippy quips and bitey bites. So, like always, we’ve got a short video with the three best bites, followed by a poll. So watch and vote for your favorite. Then click through the jump for a round-up of all the best bites from the night. Don’t see your favorite listed? Tell me about it in the comments!

“Hey Betty, you look like someone who was good at science. Why do tornados always hit shanty towns and trailer parks? Does God just hate poor people?” —Amanda (Becki Newton), while discussing tornados with Betty (America Fererra)

“Hey! What are we gonna do while the editors are gone? The usual—make the temps kiss each other?” —Marc (Michael Urie), to his bestie Amanda

“Marc, are you punishing me because I said I don’t approve of gay marriage? I only meant that for unattractive gays.” —Amanda, after Marc insists that he won’t talk about his wedding to Cliff (David Blue)

“Oh. Stop your cowering, Marc. I don’t even need a gun with you. Five good words and I can make you pee your pants.” —Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams), while wielding her hunting rifle around in her office

“Thank God it’s hunting season. If I can’t be with the man I want, at least I can kill something.” —Wilhelmina, about dealing with her emotions around the guy she’s pining for Connor (Grant Bowler)

“Oh Claire, just so you know, I’m going hunter later today. Feel free to walk in front of my gun.” —Wilhelmina, to her boss Claire Meade (Judith Light)

[Inhales deeply.] “I smell pluck.” —Marc, just before a sprightly Betty appears, ready to fix Mode’s latest crisis

“Easy doesy, fuzzy wuzzy. You’re gonna give yourself worry lines. Not that anyone could see them under that canopy of bangs.” —Marc, to Betty

“Um, no. These stilettos were not meant for pushing. Although maybe they were meant for something else.” —Amanda, strutting off into the road with more dubious intentions after Betty asks her to help push the car

“Okay! One plate of Betty-saved-the-magazine pancakes. Actually, they’re just regular pancakes with whipped cream. You didn’t give me a lot of time.” —Ignacio (Tony Plana), celebrating the fact that Betty saved the magazine (well, almost)

“It’s not personal, Aunt Betty. There just hasn’t been a t-shirt-worthy scandal since Winona had her…troubles.” —Justin (Mark Indelicato), sporting a shirt poking fun of Betty as “Tornado Girl”

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