Rihanna, the cast of ''Mad Men,'' and Miley Cyrus all made your list

By EW Staff
Updated November 14, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

We asked users to nominate their 2008 Entertainers of the Year, and then pitted the top 32 against each other in a five-round bracket game online. Only the coolest survived.

Your Number One: Tina Fey
It’s been a long year for the hardest-working woman in showbiz — and the climb to the top of’s bracket game was no easier, with the actress/writer/political impressionist facing down Robert Downey Jr. in a head-to-head competition. Still, the 30 Rock star persevered to win readers’ pick for Entertainer of the Year.
You say: Fey is a ”true Renaissance woman” and ”one of our best female comedians who’s writing her own career path.”

Best of the Rest
A look at other 2008 Entertainers who earned props (and votes) from readers

Amy Poehler
The SNL star won over readers like Jesse, who called her ”consistently funny, week after week, sketch after sketch… and she did it all while hugely pregnant.”

Miley Cyrus
The Disney teen lost in the bracket against the Jonas Brothers, but as fan Ryan cheered, ”The girl was everywhere this year. There is nothing she can’t do.”

An EW Entertainer of 2007, the pop songstress was nominated this year for her singular quality, as stated by Jackie: ”Do the hits never end?!?!!”

Jason Castro
The Idol wannabe had a vocal fan club, including ”Ape,” who rooted Castro on for his ”candid interviews, goofy laugh, and off-the-wall dancing.”

The Cast of ‘Mad Men’
”Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, and January Jones are three of the most talented and beautiful actors alive,” says Dan.

The 2008 Election
Nail-biting primaries kept readers like Sam riveted: ”There were more twists, turns, and craziness than anything on film, TV, or stage.”