By Jeff Probst
November 14, 2008 at 04:32 PM EST

No need to bury the lead. One of my favorite moments of the entire season happened about seven minutes into this episode. Corrine’s reaction to Marcus being voted out. It was almost as good as waiting for Santa to come.

First the Macaulay Culkin “hands to the face” reaction made famous in Home Alone and then the verbal response that revealed the rest of her truth: “I’m pissed. He didn’t deserve to leave the game.”

Which prompted Kenny’s very fair question, “Who does?”

This is why we are still on the air and why I still love hosting Survivor after 17 seasons. Human nature. It is nearly impossible to hide our true selves, especially in times of conflict.

“He didn’t deserve to leave the game.” Only seven words. But judgingfrom Kenny’s clenched jaw reaction, those seven words might have justsealed Corrine’s fate. Charlie was less upset and less vocal, and yousaw what happened to him. Gone.

I fully admit that it is sooooo easy for me to backseat drive. I’m notplaying this game, living in the middle of Africa on nothing, my mindoverloaded with strategy, wondering who I can trust, dealing with thoseannoying bug bites and having an obnoxious host up in my face all thetime.

And hey, I’d be “pissed” too if they took out my ally. Marcus was good.Too good to let stay in the game. Corrine, Charlie, and Marcus had areal shot at going to the end and if so, Marcus wins hands down. He wasthat good. So I fully lay down and concede that I don’t think I couldhack this game, and as I have said hundreds of time, I have the utmostrespect for anybody who raises their hand to endure this thing calledSurvivor. Now that I’ve cleared my conscience…it’s time to get backto lipping off.

Corrine, it’s just a thought, but when you sense the horse is going ina different direction, it might be wise to lessen your hold on thereins and let the horse guide the way. This horse is definitely goingin a different direction and the person sitting in the saddle is Kenny.Kenny is…the new kid in town.

Watching Kenny come of age is reality’s version of watching greatShakespeare. He’s maturing from a young man into a leader…and in thisgame that means he may soon gain the throne. Ah, but if he gets toococky, the gods will descend and a beheading is soon to follow. Watchyourself Kenny. A healthy dose of humility could help win you a milliondollars.

I have to share a story about the golf challenge. There was much debatebetween the creative team about whether this challenge was going toprovide enough drama. We just weren’t sure, so we were hoping we mightcatch a break and get some really great reality during the challengeand as Survivor luck would have it, we did.

Thank you, Randy, for being so pushy, and thank you, Matty, for pushingback. “No, you can’t do it, Randy.” Love that moment. If you werepaying close attention, Randy was absolutely right in what he wassaying. “Just hold it over the hole and drop it.” Ah, but once againhuman nature takes over, and Matty couldn’t see straight to save hislife.

Personally, I’m just so glad I’m perfect and have no issues whatsoeverto deal with. I’m kidding. And while I’m at it, yes I read the commentsyou leave at, and yes, I know many of you think “Probst sucks.”Whatever.

Man I love this blogging. Cheapest therapy yet.

Then there is the reward where once again, more human nature revealeditself. Corrine smiled! Corrine took the hand of a small child! Dare Isay, Corrine loved!! Let them eat cake!! She has a heart! She is human!Yeah! And when Corrine smiles, I am reminded, Corrine is pretty damnattractive.

The merge – finally. Nuff said.

Question: How often has being eliminated in a challenge or at tribalcouncil come down to making fire? Well, I don’t know the exact number,but…it’s a lot! I promise you if I was going to be on this show Iwould make certain I could make fire while blindfolded, untying knots,and solving a puzzle, ’cause that’s what we do on Survivor! REI sellsflint for five bucks! Order online and you don’t even have to leaveyour house!

My final observation: Bob should work in the Survivor art departmentbecause the fake immunity idol he made is incredible. Truly beautiful.Still not exactly sure how he pulled it off but there had to be a bitof smelting going on and I don’t even know what smelting means! Hisstudents back home in Maine should be proud! “Ole teach” is working itand the merge has given Bob new life!

Next time on…Survivor. One of the best episodes of the season. No hype. Pure truth.

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