Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Daniel Craig, Mickey Rourke and ''The Dark Knight''

By EW Staff
November 14, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Agent of Destruction
As a longtime Bond fanatic, I was hesitant about Daniel Craig taking on the role of 007 (”Bond Is Back”). But he surpassed my expectations in Casino Royale, and I can barely contain my excitement for Quantum of Solace. He makes Bond less corny, and reveals the character’s insecurities and heartbreak. Thank you to EW and Craig for finally letting us see James Bond bleed.
Darbie Garcia
Gainesville, Fla.

It’s beyond me why you have chosen to show any adoration for this charmless reinvention of James Bond. In my opinion, the Bourne trilogy’s Jason Bourne and the Transporter trilogy’s Frank Martin both do it better than 007 these days.
Brandon Steele
San Jose, Calif.

Support System
Big omission in the Best Supporting Actor category: Bill Irwin’s heart-rending turn as the father in Rachel Getting Married (”The Oscar Race”). Hope his performance isn’t so subtle that it’s overlooked by the Academy.
Jerry Chipman

Writer Dave Karger responds: You’re right, Jerry — subtle doesn’t always float Oscar’s boat, which is why the wonderful Irwin just missed making my list of long shots.

The Comeback Kid
I just wanted to express my extreme pleasure over the article on Mickey Rourke (”Mickey Roars”). It effectively showed us who the real Rourke is — a great actor who refuses to be forgotten in the realm of cinema, despite some career setbacks.
Sean Malloy
Thornton, Colo.

What a deeply touching story. No matter how blurry the line between fiction and reality became for Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, I am hoping that on Oscar night Hollywood shows him that they’re in his corner.
Robert Dale Williams
Muhlenberg, Pa.

A ‘Knight’ to Forget
The Dark Knight is undeserving of an Oscar nod (The Final Cut), as it lacks the timeless class of such winners as The Silence of the Lambs. ”Why so serious?” just doesn’t stack up to ”I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”
Justin Aronson
Plantation, Fla.

The videogame Fallout 3 takes place in 2277 (Games).’s Lawmakers and -breakers
The 2008 campaign trail has hit a dead end. So why not nurse a lingering election obsession at the movies? visitors voted on which upcoming Politically Themed Performance intrigued them the most.

Sean Penn as Harvey Milk (Milk): 55%
Frank Langella as Richard Nixon (Frost/Nixon): 27% Benicio Del Toro as Che Guevara (Che): 18%

Whether mildly maniacal or evil incarnate, the Villains of the Bond franchise have a common goal: to watch 007 burn. In honor of Quantum of Solace‘s release, PopWatchers singled out the best baddies of yore. (Go to for more.)

Dr. Kananga, Live and Let Die
He had a dual identity, a secret island cave, a seat at the U.N., and a proclivity for the occult! —FowlCounsel

Jaws, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker
What’s more menacing than a towering henchman who kills people with his steel teeth? —Matt

Max Zorin, A View to a Kill
He was very ahead of his time, in that he wanted to wipe out Silicon Valley and control the microchip market. — M Weyer

Alec Trevelyan, GoldenEye
A true adversary who knew Bond from the bottom up. He was smart, capable, and just as quick with a snide remark. — JT