EW's TV scooper has spoilers on ''Lost,'' ''Pushing Daisies,'' and more

By Michael Ausiello
November 14, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

New Lost mystery: Who’s that girl?
Reiko Aylesworth shouldn’t have any trouble keeping her trap shut when it comes to the big mystery surrounding her new Lost character, the smart and charismatic Amy. But it’s not the gag order imposed on her by the show’s iron-fisted producers that’s preventing her from telling all. It’s the fact that…well, she can barely straighten out the plot twists herself. ”I know the show, but I have to say, I didn’t quite follow everything [they] were telling me,” confesses the actress, best known for her role as 24‘s late CTU director, Michelle Dessler. ”But it sounds like it’s going to be great stuff. I’m just excited to do something other than getting people files and carrying clipboards [like on 24].”

One theory making the rounds is that Amy, who’ll be introduced during the show’s fifth season (debuting Wednesday, Jan. 21), will be revealed to be someone from the early days of the Dharma Initiative. That would seem to confirm buzz that Ben (Michael Emerson) transported the island and all of its inhabitants back to the ’70s in last May’s finale.

At least Aylesworth can say with near certainty that Amy’s love life will be complicated. ”There’s definitely some conflict with the suitors,” she teases. Wait a second — suitors, as in plural? How literal will the show’s depiction of the ’70s be? ”Obviously, we want that to be a surprise,” says executive producer Carlton Cuse. ”Let’s just say her role is very emotional.”

Ask Ausiello

Q: Any ”OMG, I totally didn’t see that coming!” twists we can look forward to on Medium? —Tricia
A: Family Ties‘ Tracy Pollan has signed on for a three-episode arc as a corporate intuitionist who offers Allison (Patricia Arquette) a big-bucks job at her company. But that’s not the OMG part, this is: Girlfriend’s up to no good. ”Of course she has an ulterior motive,” declares executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron. ”Of course she can’t be trusted. It’s Medium, for goodness’ sake!” OMG, don’t yell at me!

Q: Must be the thousandth time I’ve asked, but got any scoop on Without a Trace? —Lily
A: You know what they say: One thousand and first time’s the charm. Trace producers are getting ready to introduce a serious new love interest for Eric Close’s Martin. Little is known about the new yet-to-be-cast character except that she’s intelligent, she’s beautiful, and her two all-time favorite TV shows are Now and Again and Dark Skies.

Q: Should I be worried that ABC will cancel Pushing Daisies? Please tell me everything is going to be okay. —Doug
A: Okay, you asked for it. Everything is going to be okay, Doug. In reality, though, probably not. Here’s the deal: Daisies just wrapped production on what could be its last episode ever, and ABC has given no indication that it plans on ordering additional installments. What’s worse, the potential swan song ends with what series creator Bryan Fuller calls a ”huge cliff-hanger” involving Chuck (Anna Friel). There is one silver lining here, but only if you’re a fan of Fuller’s previous work as a producer-writer on Heroes: If Daisies gets uprooted, Fuller confirms he’ll ”definitely be going back to Heroes.”