November 13, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

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In my quest to attend all of New York City’s stupidly named awards shows (count thus far: 1for 1), I headed to the Roseland Ballroom last night for mtvU’s Woodie awards.From what I understand, mtvU is one of the only MTV channels that still playsvideos, so the college student voters who chose the winners were probably moreinformed than those at the VMAs, and definitely way less mainstream. mtvU’spicks were less Jonas Brothers and more like what a TRL fan’s cool older sisteris listening to.

The night included some pretty sweet performancecollaborations, a good blend of all things indie/hip-hop/pop-punk-emo, and someof my favorite bands of 2008 (Lykke Li, Santogold, Vampire Weekend). Though youcan’t watch the Woodies until next Wednesday, you can continue reading this post because I’ve got some awards to giveof my own.

Most literal trophy: the Woodie, an actual block of wood

Most awesome performance collaboration: Lykke Li covering ATribe Called Quest’s ”Can I Kick It?” with Q-Tip himself

Most appropriately restrained use of ”Woodie”: mtvU’s”Good Woodie” charity award

addCredit(“Jean Bentley”)

Most egregious use of ”Woodie”: The All-AmericanRejects presenting the ”Woodie of the Year” award to Paramore, and declaring ”We’ve gotthe biggest Woodie you’ve ever seen!”

Best stage decoration: After Chromeo guest-vocoder’d on”The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance,” they left their leggy keyboard onstage forthe rest of Vampire Weekend’s set

Inexplicable stage decoration: Mediocre pop-punk/emo bandAll Time Low’s sparkly-bra-and-gold-hot-pants-clad dancers 

First (and only) Obama shoutout of the night: Santogold, more than halfway through the show

Inappropriate crowd reaction: Everyone seemed more excitedto dance to the video of M.I.A.’s ”Paper Planes” than most of the actualperformances (fist pumps to Vampire Weekend notwithstanding)

”Old news” Internet reference: The video for BritneySpears’ ”Womanizer” started playing, only to be interrupted by Rick Astley’s”Never Gonna Give You Up.” Yes, we got Rickrolled, which probably would havebeen funny a year ago. Maybe in 2009 they’ll have pictures of those catstalking funny, or stuff white people like!

Most underused presenters: The legendary Debbie Harry, whointroduced Santogold, and a drunk an excited excited Kid Sister, who should have performed with Chromeo instead of presenting an award to them.

Well folks, this concludes my 2008 awards. Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to tune in nextyear, when I’m thinking we’ll see Austin’s Okkervil Riverand Boston’s Passion Pit among theWoodie favorites.

Got any predictions for collegemusic’s Next Big Thing, PopWatchers? Will you watch the show next Wednesday? Or have you noteven heard of any of the bands who played last night?

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