By Whitney Pastorek
Updated November 13, 2008 at 10:27 PM EST

An exploding meth lab with a dead body inside. An appearance from King of the Interns, Clark Edison. A tense standoff-shootout with very human stakes. And some sexual tension bolstered by painful emotional history. Now that, my friends, was a great episode of Bones.

After spending much of the last couple seasons plumbing the wacko depths of Brennan’s crime-riddled family, last night finally gave us that long-awaited glimpse into Booth and how he got that way. (So nice to see Boreanaz playing something deeper than “goofball” for a change.) It doesn’t take Sweets to see the connection between Seeley’s choice to become a sniper and the way he keeps his metaphorical head down with his family, letting his Navy commander brother, Jared, do all the shiny strutting. Given Seeley’s demonstrated commitment to being the best father he can be to his own son, the revelation that Daddy Booth was an abusive alcoholic rang true; so, too, did Seeley’s decision to give up the glory of the RICO case to keep Jared’s reputation intact. My goodness, he was even willing to (briefly) give up Brennan so his baby brother could be happy– and that is some crazy, fascinating martyrdom.

What did you think, Jeffersonian fans? Did you buy Booth’s back story? Do you agree that “we do whatever we can for family”? Was Brennan (as Angela put it) just looking for “a creepy way to have sex with a Booth without having sex with the real Booth”? Who else wants a garbage sorter? And how many times have you wanted to finish an argument by clocking someone off a bar stool?