November 12, 2008 at 09:50 PM EST

Promising news from überproducers Marshall Hers­kovitz and Ed Zwick: Now that their holocaust film Defiance is set to open Dec. 31, the two are focusing on small-screen ventures — namely quarterlife, their Internet show about a 20-something blogger and her circle of friends. Though NBC canceled it after one woefully-rated week last February, the webisodes averaged a robust 300,000 viewers, and as such, they are planning more episodes.

“I have not forgotten quarterlife fans,” says Herskovitz, who is also developing pilots for three other potential Web series. “We’ll start shopping those pilots in January. We’re looking for sponsors to pay for production on those series.” Meanwhile, the creators of such hits as thirtysomething are in talks to create a new drama for TV, but they won’t elaborate for now. (In case you’re keeping track at home, it would be the duo’s first prime-time drama since Once and Again went off the air in 2002.) Suggestion: How about reemploying the wonderful Sela Ward? — With additional reporting from Carrie Bell

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