November 12, 2008 at 09:54 PM EST

There are a lot of reasons I’m hooked on CBS’ jaunty hit procedural The Mentalist. Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane sports the most dapper duds (and most magical hair) in primetime. Robin Tunney’s hard-boiled Teresa Lisbon is a sour delight, crabbily in charge of her team without ever devolving into shrewish bossy-lady caricature. Supporting players Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman have a breezy chemistry that makes me kind of wish I worked for the California Bureau of Investigations. Heck, I even like the way murder victims’ families actually weep for their lost loved ones, as opposed to most procedurals where they’re either totally composed or blithely uncooperative.

And now I have two more reasons to dig the show. First, was last night’s scene where Lisbon and Jane (along with their suspect, played by William Allen Young) recoiled in olfactory disgust upon discovering a dead and decomposing body in a freezer. Call me peculiar for being delighted by this detail, but after years of watching the Horatio Caines of the world react to fetid corpses with barely a crinkle of the nose, it was nice to see a stronger reaction than what I displayed after finding a bag of liquefied cilantro in the crisper drawer last week.

Second, did I mention the presence of guest star Lance Barber, who should’ve been Emmy nominated for his portrayal of Paulie G. on HBO’s regrettably short-lived The Comeback, and who really ought to be cast in everything ever. After the jump, a screengrab of Mr. Barber’s character (as seen through Mr. Jane’s poker chip), plus a clip of the aforementioned gag-reflex scene. Anyone else find themselves tickled by any of the above? Or is this one of those PopWatch posts that make you think, “Slezak, you get paid for this?”

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