November 12, 2008 at 10:21 PM EST

In 2000, when Hilary Swank was making the award-show rounds for her phenomenal performance in Boys Don’t Cry, her savvy PR team made the decision not to release a clip from her most powerful scene, where she painfully admits her “sexual identity crisis” to a police detective after having been raped. That way, when they finally authorized it to be used as her “Oscar scene” on the night of the Academy Awards ceremony, it had the maximum impact because it hadn’t been seen on television before. This year, I’m noticing the opposite trend: Studios are allowing us to see their contenders’ strongest moments now, surely in the attempt to build buzz in what’s becoming an increasingly competitive year. For instance, I’ve seen Mickey Rourke’s indelible heart-to-heart with Evan Rachel Wood from The Wrestler on the web already, and now Universal has given this clip from one of Frost/Nixon‘s most memorable scenes, where a drunk Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) telephones TV host David Frost (Michael Sheen) the night before their final interview together. Take a look, as this may be the first of many times that you see this scene in the next few months.

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