By Vanessa Juarez
November 12, 2008 at 09:04 PM EST

You might have been too busy reacting to John McCain’s Nov. 4 concession speech to notice the strange choice of music that swelled in the background: The defeated GOP nominee walked offstage to the score from Crimson Tide. Why is that so bizarre? Well, the hit 1995 thriller centers on a power struggle between a square-jawed hawkish Cold War veteran (played by Gene Hackman) and an upstart black lieutenant (Denzel Washington) who wants to avoid another war at all costs. Coincidence? To find out, we got in touch with McCain’s spokesman Michael Goldfarb, who clarified the selection for us — sort of.

“The music had a naval theme,” he replied. “The Top Gun soundtrack also played. Though perhaps there is some racist dimension to Top Gun as well; Maverick did take Cougar’s spot at Miramar. You should look into that.”

Hmm. Last time we checked, Cougar (played by actor-turned-director John Stockwell) was a white dude. Just sayin’…

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