November 12, 2008 at 09:52 AM EST

Question: Any Grey’s Anatomy scoop? — Lauri
Brooke Smith wasn’t the only Seattle Grace staffer pink-slipped under suspicious circumstances in the past year. Two other familiar, albeit lower profile, faces were given the boot, and I’m shocked eagle-eyed Grey’s fans haven’t picked up on it yet.

Question: I’m dying for Cristina and Owen to get together on Grey’s. — Katie
Well, this is certainly a positive step in that direction: Kevin McKidd has been promoted to a series regular.

Question: I know you’re a big fan of Reiko Aylesworth, so it strikes me as rather odd that you haven’t said one word about her joining Lost. What aren’t you telling us? — Robert
Pick up the next issue of EW, on sale Friday. All will be revealed then — including the missing letters to this asterisk quiz: She’s **** ******! 

Question: Supernatural has been off the charts amazing this season! But, you’ve been very general with your spoilers. Any chance you can give your favorite readers some concrete stuff? — Dianne
One of the of the Winchester brothers will partake in a shirtless (and presumably pantsless) sex scene before the end of November sweeps. Even more shocking than that? The deed is done at a location Supe fans hold sacred. Concrete enough for you?

Question: Who’s going under the knife on Desperate Housewives? — Jill
How about I tell you who’ll be wielding said knife instead? Todd Grinnell. The actor, best known from the short-lived NBC comedy Four Kings, will play the plastic surgeon performing a little nip/tuck (or is it a skin graft?) on a Wisteria resident.

Question: Any “OMG, I totally didn’t see that coming!” twists we can look forward to on the new season of Medium? — Tricia
As I reported on Monday, Family Ties‘ Tracy Pollan has signed on for a three-episode arc as a corporate intuitionist who offers Allison (Patricia Arquette) a big-bucks job at her company. But that’s not the OMG! part. This is: Girlfriend’s up to no good!

Question: If Pushing Daisies does end with this season’s 13th episode, at least tell me it’ll be a satisfying conclusion to the series. — Donna
Were you satisfied by last year’s Sopranos finale? If so, then, yes, you’ll be very satisfied by Daisies‘ potential swan song.

Question: Got any scoop on Without a Trace? — Lily
Trace producers are getting ready to introduce a significant new love interest for Eric Close.

Question: Is Lipstick Jungle getting the ax? — Natalie
What was your first clue? The move to Friday night or the fact that the show’s writers cleared out their offices last week? 

Question: Since it is official that USA is delaying the eighth season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to tide us fans over with some scoop.  — Kristi
This one’s for all the Gorenites out there: In the premiere, we’re offered a tantalizing peek into his personal life via a family dinner scene and a sweet invitation to more of the same from a little girl named Molly

Question: I am going to have to give up watching Ghost Whisperer for good. I can’t believe they actually went ahead and killed Jim! I am done. Unless you can give me a reason not to be? — Alyssa
I gave you two months’ notice and a come-to-Jesus talk with the show’s producers and still you were surprised? There’s no winning with you people. And here’s your reason to keep watching: Jim’s not going into the light without a fight. This Friday, his ghost drops a metric ton of angst all over his grief-stricken widow when he refuses to cross over to the other side. By episode’s end, he pulls a morally questionable move on a dead guy in an effort to join the living again.

Question: How is Friday Night Lights doing ratings-wise on DirecTV? — Misti
I don’t know and I’m too lazy to research it, so let’s go with “spectacular” and “record-breaking” and move on to the real reason you’re here — spoilers. Someone’s gay, and he/she is coming out in tonight’s episode.

Question: When will Tami find out that Matt and Julie had sex on Friday Night Lights? — Claire?
Not tonight, since Matt and Julie are MIA throughout the entire episode. The big news (aside from the coming out I teased above) is the sudden and dramatic turn Jason’s life takes as a result of a chance encounter at a Panthers game. Not so coincidentally, Scott Porter makes his final appearance next week.

Question: So glad Law & Order: Mothership is back. Got scoop? — Claire
Jack McCoy’s bid for another term as district attorney isn’t looking too good. After some slip-ups by Exec ADA Cutter, including romantic involvement with a judge’s clerk and an invocation of the Patriot Act last week, it appears the public might be ready for some change.

Question: Now, Ausiello, you know you can’t use words like “light fondling” in regards to House and Cuddy and not provide some details. That is just torturing us! — Megan
I was trying to be tasteful about it. My mistake. House grabs a handful of Cuddy’s left breast on Dec. 2. Better?

Question: Do you have any scoopage on the upcoming hostage episode on House? — Suzanne
Not really, but here’s something else about the aforementioned Dec. 2 episode that’s pretty momentous: For the first time, Thirteen will refer to herself by her real name, Remy. 

Question: Got any How I Met Your Mother scoop? — Mary
Yup. The show is planning a very special episode titled “How You Meet Ted’s Sister.” Okay, not really. But you will get to meet Ted’s sib, Nancy, in an upcoming eppy. The little sitcom that could is currently meeting with hot twentysomethings to play the wild child-turned-Wall Street wannabe.

Question: Stop dogging CSI questions! I mean the best out of the three, the original. Got any scoop? — Alice
Gee whiz, you’re about as testy as the guest suspect the show is casting at the moment. But are you also, as this character is, a bondage-porn-loving mortgage broker who, in the wake of Wall Street’s collapse, seems likely to have killed his wife? Well, are you, Alice? Are you?

Question: Do you know where Baby Smurf came from on the Smurfs? — Tommy
The tasteful answer is from the stork. The lewd answer is Smurfette’s vajayjay. Both are correct.

Question: Do you have anything on Lost? The long wait is killing me. — Ana Maria
Just 70 more days to go until the fifth season premiere! To help you pass the time, here’s some intel in the form of a trio of new casting breakdowns that have been circulating on the Web: Phil’s an ogre who works in corporate security, Jerry’s his party-boy colleague, and the doctor is, um, a hippieish doctor who finds himself in a sitch for which no internship could’ve prepared him. Our own Doc Jensen’s two cents: “Phil and Jerry work in ‘corporate security,’ huh? And the doctor is ‘hippieish’? My guess: Flashback to the Purge. Phil and Jerry are Dharma footsoldiers, charged with protecting the weird science enclave from ‘the hostiles’/’the Others.’ Of course, we know they will fail miserably, as Turncoat Ben helped gas the village. Perhaps the ‘situation outside of his medical experience’ that the doctor finds himself in is racing against time to save his fellow peeps from exposure to the gas.” Thanks, Doc! The $20 co-pay is in the mail!

Question: I love Nate and Jenny on Gossip Girl. They are amazing together. Any news about what’s ahead for them? — J.R.
Amazing together? Are we watching the same show? I haven’t been that turned off by two actors kissing since Christopher Atkins planted a sloppy one on Linda Gray two decades ago on Dallas. Thankfully, a Gossip insider assures me Jate, Nenny — whatever the hell the kids are calling them — will be euthanized faster than you can say “statutory rape.”

Question: Has Gossip Girl cast Bart’s younger bro? If so, who’s playing him? — Amy
This dude.

Question: Do you know when CBS’ Flashpoint will be back? — Janice
It’s the front-runner to take over The Ex List‘s old Friday 9 pm time slot later this year or early next.

Question: Help! I’m having Psych withdrawals. Do you have any scoop to ease my pain? — Luminosity
In the special holiday episode airing Nov. 28, Shawn moves in with Gus’ parents and uncovers some shocking family secrets — namely Mom owes money to a loan shark and Dad is unemployed. We also learn that Gus’ sister is hot for Shawn. And the feeling is, well, sort of mutual.

Question: Ask Ausiello has been lacking in Office scoop lately! Spill! — Heather
I’ve got bad news: Turns out Amy Ryan is not returning in the near future. Total bummer. Now for some better news: Another beloved character is!

Question: What ever happened to the show October Road? — Angela
I killed it. Mwhahahahahahahah.

Question: So there’s a rumor that Fiona is being killed off Burn Notice in the season 2 finale.  Say it ain’t so! — Kat
It ain’t so! Per my Burn mole, there will be several surprises in the March season finale, but Fiona’s death is not one of them.

That’s a wrap! Send questions/anonymous tips/Lauren Graham sightings to Let’s do this again next Wednesday, k? (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick and Oriana Schwindt)

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