Star Trek: The Original Series

J.J. Abrams wasn’t a huge fan of the original Star TrekTV series as a kid, but he does have one unabashed gee-whiz Star Trekmemory: watching the first feature film (1979’s Star Trek: The MotionPicture) and marveling over the big reveal of the Enterprise during along sequence in which James T. Kirk takes a slow-boat tour around theiconic starship. “The coolest thing about it — maybe the coolest thing inthe movie — was when you flew around the ship, you could see all thedifferent panels that made up the ship,” says the director of theforthcoming Trek reboot, slated for a May 8, 2009, release. “It wasthe first time I had ever seen that level of attention, that love ofdetail, given to the tangible, practical reality of the ship.”

Here, in this exclusive first look at Abrams’ take onthe Enterprise, you see not only his vision of the ship but hisattempt to evoke that sequence from the first film that so captured hisimagination. If you’re thinking, “Wow! It looks the way the Enterprisehas always looked” — well, look at the big Spock brain on you! Abramswanted to take the original TV-series Enterprise and the movie-franchise Enterprise and fuse them together into a new yet familiarEnterprise. His ambition was a ship that felt very realistic, thatcould stand up to today’s F/X standards — and beyond. “If you’re goingto do Star Trek, there are many things you cannot change. The Enterpriseis a visual touchstone for so many people. So if you’re going to do theEnterprise, it better look like the Enterprise, because otherwise, whatare you doing?”

Fans and other interested parties will get more looksat the new Enterprise when the first trailer arrives this Friday,attached to Quantum of Solace. And if you missed the additional 11 Star Trek photos we debuted last month, click here and check ’em out.

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Star Trek: The Original Series
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