By Amy Ryan
November 11, 2008 at 05:21 PM EST

So Beyoncé wants to play Wonder Woman? Surprisingly, my first impulse was not to gnash my teeth over what a terrible idea this is, though I imagine lots of fanboys might have that reaction. But really, B has been training for ages to step into Lynda Carter’s boots and play the DC superheroine on screen. She already has played a scantily-clad action heroine; she’s long been an Amazon princess, and she already has a secret identity. Plus, Warner Bros. has been trying in vain for ages to make a Wonder Woman movie or at least a Justice League movie featuring Wonder Woman; maybe it’ll take a star with Beyoncé’s name recognition to get the movie greenlit.

Lasso of truth time: Who thinks Beyoncé can make this invisible plane fly? And who would rather deflect bullets with their wrists than watch a Wonder Woman movie starring Beyoncé?

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