By Tanner Stransky
November 07, 2008 at 07:21 PM EST
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On last night’s stellar Ugly Betty, both Jesse (Val Emmich) and Betty (America Fererra) uttered a catchphrase I’ll be incorporating into my vernacular: “You’re a snow day.” How sweet is that? So simple and so powerful all at the same time. I’m just thinking about how, especially back in my school days, a snow day would make everything better. And that’s the idea here, obvs.

But last night’s best Betty sound bites, as usual, didn’t come from Betty herself. This week, Marc (Michael Urie) ruled with sassy lines referencing everything from Dick Cheney to Barbra Streisand. So that’s why this week’s Ugly Betty Bites video is an all-Marc edition! (Okay, there’s a teeny bit of Vanessa Williams’ sublime Wilhelmina throw in for good measure.) Enjoy the video, then vote for your favorite Marc bon mot in our PopWatch poll. And, of course, a round-up of all the other genius lines of the night — and a bonus picture of Willy’s Fashion Moment of the Week — are after the jump. Don’t see the quip you loved in the list? Please slap it up in the comments section!

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“And you’re wearing a hideous ensemble, but I’m not all about the obvious.” —Amanda (Becki Newton), after Betty complains that she’s totally nude

“Betty, please! Stop caretaking. God, it’s like a disease with you.” —Amanda, when Betty tries to help her out

This little exchange between Willy and Marc about Meade Publication’s new CFO Connor (Grant Bowler):
“This is why I hate women, Marc. They’re weak!” —Willy
“Oh, look at them throwing themselves at him! Although I would love to live in his pants for a year.” —Marc

“Okay, I’ve got chips and dip… and carrots sticks. You know, in case he’s that guy.” —Betty, prepping her soon-to-be-botched evening with Jesse

“You’re a snow day.” —Jesse, to Betty, after she gets him a singing gig (Betty used the same line on her family later in the episode.)

“Oohh, what is this? Do you have a boy coming over? Wait, it is a boy, right? I need to know these things if we’re going to be roomies.” —Amanda, after barging into Betty’s apartment

“I can’t sleep… Sometimes it helps if you tickle my back and tell me I’m pretty.” —Amanda, after hopping into bed with Betty

“Here’s what you do: Invite him to the Mode party. It’ll be totally caz. And if he turns out to be a serial killer, he can just find someone else to cut into pieces.” —Amanda, giving Betty advice on how to go on a date with Jesse without really going on a date with him

“So, after work let’s meet at Prune because if I don’t get a parsley and dandelion salad I swear to Barbra I’m going to throw a fit with the fury of a thousand queens.” —Marc, to boyfriend Cliff (David Blue)

“Look, all I know is living with a fatty is hard. They’re always hogging the bed and making a mess and borrowing your clothes.” —Amanda, to Marc about the possibility of his boyfriend Cliff moving in

“Why did you replace our nice bottled water with glasses we now have to fill ourselves? Why don’t you just hang a hamster bottle in the corner and we can all take chances sipping off it?” —Claire (Judith Light), to her son Daniel (Eric Mabius)

This exchange between Connor and Willy;
“Older is always better.” —Connor
“I wouldn’t know. I’ve been the same age for years.” —Willy

“Tacky Mexican stuff is so kitschy. What? I’m allowed to say that—it’s my heritage!” —Justin (Mark Indelicato), commenting on the décor for Betty’s Mode after-party

“Fun? Delightful? You didn’t have a dinner last night. You don’t even eat dinner!” —Marc, to Willy

“Willy, you saluted him! You haven’t saluted anyone since Cheney! You have fallen for him like everyone else here.” —Marc, talking to Willy about Meade Publication’s new CFO Connor

“I’m so sorry—it has just been non-stop around here. What with the blackmailing, backstabbing, and going on Pinkberry runs I’ve barely even had time to take the curlers out of my hair. Is there still one back there?” —Marc, trying to brush off boyfriend Cliff

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