By Michael Ausiello
November 07, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Nothing sucks harder than heading into a weekend with a bunch of nagging, unanswered TV-related questions hanging over your head. Good thing you have me to separate fact from fiction. Here’s a rundown of the rumors du jour — and the truth about them.

Privileged snagged a full-season order. Sadly, this one is fiction. The CW has yet to give the ratings-challenged gem a back-nine pickup, although the net did place an order for two more scripts last night, bringing them to a new grand total of four additional scripts. Hey, every little bit helps!

Pushing Daisies has been axed. Fiction. An ABC insider insists that no final decision has been made re: Daisies. (The net has until mid-January to order more episodes.) But with production set to wrap early next week on the show’s 13th and possibly final episode, there’s little reason to be optimistic. (This also doesn’t bode well.) At least, as EW’s Lynette Rice reported exclusively, if the series bites the dust, Bryan Fuller has said that he’d return to Heroes. Silver lining, kids!

Grey’s Anatomy is killing off Dr. Hahn! I’m 89 percent certain that’s fiction. A promo for next week’s episode showing Callie in tears has led some to conclude that her ex-lover, who made her final appearance in last night’s episode, will be done in off screen. Highly unlikely. Not sure exactly why Callie was crying though. Maybe she’s upset that she had to find out she was a lesbian by reading it in a press release?

One of Kings’ main men is gay! Fact. A major character on NBC’s buzzy midseason drama does come out midway into the premiere. It’s a cool twist, so I’m going to resist the temptation to spoil it and offer this clue instead: The gay in question has just landed a love interest in Michael Arden, best known as Parker Posey’s assistant on ASP-s Return of Jezebel James.

Tiffani Thiessen is doing 90210 2.0! Fiction. Truth be told, I just made the rumor up so I could bring you this piece of exclusive scoop: Thiessen has joined the cast of USA Network’s newly greenlit pilot White Collar. The potential series centers on the relationship between a con man (Chuck‘s Matthew Bomer) and an FBI agent (Carnivale‘s Tim DeKay). Thiessen plays the wife of DeKay’s character.

The show at the center of my latest blind item is Pushing Daisies. Fiction. The Daisies set is the opposite of a nightmare. I’m stunned any of you would even go there. (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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