By Mike Bruno
Updated November 07, 2008 at 08:16 PM EST
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So yeah, how about this Twilight, eh? Love the Twilight! Love it!

Okay, truth is, I hardly know what the hell it is, and the whole thing is going right over my slowly graying, thirtysomething head. Really, I’m fine with pop culture phenomena that are all the rage for young ‘uns and completely pass me by. What’s depressing is this feeling that I’m now too jaded, and perhaps a bit too-cool-for-school, to get revved up about ANYTHING the way the Twilighters are for this movie. I had my Twilights, back in the day. I remember standing in line for hours on a steamy, rainy June night to see Tim Burton take Batman to the big screen (pictured). After being absolutely floored by Reservoir Dogs, I was counting the minutes until Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction was released (took a tall, blonde date to opening night). Back in 1999, I was psyched beyond belief at the prospect of three more Star Wars movies (though come to think of it, that trilogy’s lack of creative success may have provided the final three nails in my youthful-movie-excitement coffin). And though it isn’t film, I slept overnight outside the Carson Pirie Scott department store in North Riverside, IL for first crack at Guns N’ Roses tickets ahead of their tour for the Use Your Illusion CDs (I got fifth row and had a three-second cameo on an MTV GN’R special).

So yeah, I’ve had my Twilight(s), PopWatchers, they just haven’t been created by a woman named Stephenie Meyer. Anyone else out there willing to admit to feeling kinda left out of the hysteria surrounding the Twilight thing. And tell us, what were your personal Twilights from the days before Web trailers, MP3s, and DVRs?


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