As part of PopWatch’s Election Night Coverage Sound Bites Spectacular ™, I got assigned to keep tabs on MSNBC (not that I minded because I love me some angry-bemused Keith Olbermann), but as a result, I missed what by all accounts was some INSANE use of holograms over at CNN. One person who appeared to Anderson Cooper in a bitmapped fever dream was the Black Eyed Peas’, and today, the good folks at political humor site have an entire gallery of how the holo-grammy winner spent his election day. I’m particularly delighted by their caption for the above photo, which explains: “10:40 AM. At a Cleveland area high school pep rally. appeared and for several seconds, he shrieked in agony. Witnesses said it sounded like his flesh was being peeled from his bones. Then the image faded.” Click here to see the entire gallery, and if you missed our recap of the election-night coverage on seven different channels, then by all means click here and ch-ch-check it out!