By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated November 06, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

It might already be time to update that inaugural playlist Mick Boogie shared with us earlier in the week! Bruce Springsteen debuted a brand-new tune, “Workin’ on a Dream,” at an eleventh-hour rally for then-candidate Obama in Cleveland over the weekend — and his venerable fansite is casually suggesting that the song comes from a whole new album the Boss is recording, which they say is “expected to see release around the time of the Presidential Inauguration” (h/t). Whoa! We should probably be cautious here, seeing as that’s just one little sentence on an unofficial site and Springsteen’s camp hasn’t confirmed or denied anything. Assuming it’s true, though, what do you say to the prospect of another album so soon after last fall’s masterful Magic?

I say bring it on. Bruce has been experiencing a real creative renaissance these last few years with The Rising and Magic (among others). Both rank among his most powerful albums, and both are ultimately about the country he loves so much — one a cry of mourning after 9/11, the other a crushing rebuke of the Bush years. I’m ready to hear the next chapter in that story. Bruce made it obvious to fans how much he had emotionally invested in Obama’s campaign at the rallies he played this fall. And if he’s feeling anything like the rush of post-election joy and relief and optimism that I am right now, that sounds like one hell of a record in the making. Go ahead, check out that live performance of “Workin’ on a Dream” below, and tell me: Don’t you want to hear the rest of this album?