By Whitney Pastorek
Updated November 06, 2008 at 11:19 PM EST

Aside from being rather clunkily written, last night’s episode of everyone’s favorite forensics dramedy was quite welcome after a too-long baseball break, wouldn’t you agree? It wasn’t a particularly intricate case — artist found dead inside one of his own smushed-car sculptures — but there was still lots to chew on: Hey, that’s NewsRadio‘s Vicki Lewis, sporting four eyebrows and pancake foundation Michael Jackson would die for! Wow, Angela’s much-hyped ex-lover Roxie–played by Nichole Hiltz, so great on In Plain Sight this summer– is indeed a woman, and a hot woman at that! By god, Sweets and the diarrhea-mouthed, skull-crushing grad student are getting it on! Plus, now I can’t stop wondering if I missed something by not watching The Real Housewives of Orange County!

What did you think, Bones fans? Was the whole suicide Macguffin a waste of time or a necessary platform to launch the Roxie subplot (which promises to take the Angela/Hodgins relationship to all-new levels of awkward)? Did you see the murderer coming from a mile away, mostly because no one wearing that much makeup is ever to be trusted? Does the fact that Sweets and that annoying girl are dating mean we’re not rid of her, and if so, is there any way that we might be rid of her? Talk about it in the comments as you get psyched for what looks to be a real doozy of a ‘shipper ep next week…and check out Angela’s big reveal below.