By Michael Ausiello
Updated November 06, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

It’s not unusual for a TV series to have at least one bad seed. You know, an actor whose ego is so ginormous it makes mine look like a half-eaten Skittle?

Well, less typical is a show in which all the stars have the disposition of Linda Blair pre-exorcism, but that’s the situation over at a certain sophomore drama.

“Each actor is crazier than the next,” whispers a staffer employed behind the scenes at the war-torn program. “And they all pretty much hate each other.”

And they’re finding it increasingly difficult to hide their mutual disdain from viewers. Per my snitch, the male lead “cannot stand” his love interest, “and it’s obvious by their complete lack of chemistry.”

The good news is, the nightmare may soon be over for all concerned. Although the show enjoys a rabid cult following and solid critical support, its ratings are such that a third season is looking very unlikely.

So, what’s the series with the work environment that’s so hostile it would make the Roseanne set at its worst seem like paradise? Let the speculation begin in the comments section!