As we learned when we got our hands on his forthcoming debut album’s liner noteslast week, David Archuleta includes a Thank You to singer-songwriter to Jason Mraz for “helpingremind me the artistic expressive side and letting me have a good timelistening too.” We actually ran into Archuleta at an after-party following Saturday’s Mraz concert at Los Angeles’ Greek Theater, where the American Idol runner-up enjoyed the show with his father, aunt, and fellow season 7 finalist, Jason Castro. We got a lot of flack for allegedly poking fun at young David for his long-winded list of acknowledgments. Admittedly, we did find them amusing but really didn’t mean any harm. We were simply pointing out that his 3,500-word tome—which doesn’t include any lyrics—was more what you’d expect of a veteran’s box set, not a first time artist. Yes, we realize he’s only 17, and maybe he imagined the liner notes as his very own Idol yearbook, which certainly explains the abundance of “lol”s. Anyway, Archie didn’t take any offense. We talked about it.

“I don’t take anything personally, unless it’s about my family,” he said. “But how long are they? Like, how many pages?” See? Even he’s concerned about the amount of paper it’ll take to print the booklet! “My problem is, it’s either one line or, like, 300 pages,” Archuleta continued. “I completely ramble, even in my interviews or just explaining things. And I didn’t want to forget anyone! Gives you something to talk about, I guess.”

Indeed it does. And we have even more background on the liner notes, plus a little info on Castro, after the jump.

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Turns out Archie had to turn in his Thank Yous before all the songswere finished. Hence, the omission of JC Chasez’s name. “It was, like,so last-minute,” he said. “We wrote that song a few days before thefinal deadline.”

Speaking of time crunches, it was 11 p.m. when I reminded Archuleta that his pal David Cook was about to perform on Saturday Night Live.“It’s on soon, I know!” he yelped. “Think they’ll make fun of me? I’m,like, an easy target. I’d be funny to make fun of, I’m so weird.”

Oh Archie. You make it too easy.

What else can we tell you? His favorite song on the new Cook albumis “Life on The Moon,” and he wasn’t aware that Daylight Savings Timewent into effect that same night. As for Jason Castro, he’s living inL.A. for the most part and told us he’s been writing, recording, andtaking lots of meetings. “All good things,” Castro said. “I’m getting thebusiness set up, basically.” He was also visibly excited that one ofhis favorite singers, Ray LaMontagne, was playing on Sunday at theWiltern Theater. “I didn’t know he was in town and just found outtonight,” said Castro, “but I’m definitely going.”

And with that, the guys were whisked away to meet Mraz and we bidthem both a fond farewell. But as we were leaving, Archuleta yelled outone final thought: “Hope you like the album! I don’t mind if you makeany little critiques, I understand the job.”

So there ya have it, Archie fans. A little liner-notes follow-up to show there’s no hard feelings…right?