And so is Daniel Craig, with more than a few scars to show for it. (Who needs 10 fingertips, anyway?) The actor who redefined 007 takes us behind the scenes of the new film -- and reveals how he feels about that curious title

Bond has a black eye. You won’t see it on the screen when Quantum of Solace opens Nov. 14 — it’ll be digitally airbrushed out of the movie — but it sure is hard to miss when Daniel Craig arrives at Pinewood Studios on a balmy afternoon last June. ”We were doing a fight sequence a few days ago,” the actor explains, showing off eight fresh stitches under his puffy right eye, ”and I didn’t duck. I didn’t get out of the way of a stuntman’s foot. You know how it is on big action movies — stuff happens.”

On Quantum of Solace, stuff seems to happen on a daily basis. In fact, there have been so many mishaps reported since shooting started last winter — a fire at Pinewood, cars taking wrong turns into lakes, fingertips getting chopped off — that the British press began calling it the ”cursed” Bond movie. Still, don’t believe everything you read in the tabloids. The James Bond who all but limps onto this studio lot outside London, wearing a black Tom Ford suit and a matching shiner, may appear battered and weary. But James Bond the character — the superspy who’s survived five decades of being dangled over piranha tanks, tossed out of airplanes, shot at with spearguns, and even being played by Timothy Dalton — hasn’t looked this indestructible in years.

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