Almost immediately after the news broke that The CW was contemplating a 90210-esque reboot of the original’s spin-off, Melrose Place, the buzz turned to Heather Locklear. Would she? Could she? Should she?

Perhaps because her tumultuous personal life has been extra public lately, the actress formerly known as Amanda Woodward declined to be interviewed for this story. But a top Hollywood talent agent sees little downside in her slipping back into the man-eater’s trademark miniskirts: “It certainly wouldn’t hurt her to do it.” Even a high-ranking exec at a rival net is excited by the prospect of seeing Aaron Spelling’s old good-luck charm back in action. “She should wait and find out what the actual concept is,” says the suit. “But if it involves her running [her old Melrose ad agency] D&D à la The Devil Wears Prada, she should jump at it.”

Besides a decent premise, Locklear should also hold out until the series has someone decent in charge. Or someone, period. Darren Star, who created the original, has apparently passed. Now CW president Dawn Ostroff is looking internally for a boss, sources say. One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, who just inked an overall deal with CBS/Paramount, the studio behind Melrose 2.0, is one name being bandied about. The exec confirms that he’s been approached, but adds, “That doesn’t mean I’m on [Dawn’s] short list. It’s kind of natural they’d call.” Is he even interested? “Never say never…though I’m more about creating something new. I’m the guy to call when they want to remake One Tree Hill.”

One person who definitely won’t be taking on the job is Josh Schwartz, who has his hands full with The CW’s Gossip Girl and NBC’s Chuck. But he can still dream, can’t he? “I would make the apartment complex a retirement home and have it star Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Bea Arthur,” he jokes. “That way you get two hit shows in one.”

What do you think? Should Heather sign on? Who else from the original cast would you like to see move back in? And what about Schwahn? Is he the right man for the job? And if not him, who? Comment away! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick and Jennifer Armstrong)

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