By Gary Eng Walk
Updated October 31, 2008 at 07:03 PM EDT

Last week, I got a chance to chat with game designer Shigeru Miyamoto — this was the third time I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him.(A quick aside: Whenever I read his official title at Nintendo — Senior Managing Director/General Manager; Entertainment Analysis and Development Division — I wanna laugh. This is the dude who gave us Donkey Kong and Mario and Zelda! His office door should read “Vice President of Awesome”!) Anyway, it being Halloween, I asked him to name the scariest video game he ever played. You can read the interview when it goes up in a few minutes. In the meantime, let me ask you the same question. Think about it for a sec. Is it a fan favorite like something from the Silent Hill (pictured) or Resident Evil series? Or perhaps the more recent Dead Space? And who can forget the goosebump-raising thrills of Spyro? [Shudder] That purple dragon was all kinds of scary! Okay, tough guys (and gals) — let’s hear from you!