By Mike Bruno
Updated October 31, 2008 at 04:10 PM EDT

But although his perhaps once-again girlfriend Sarah Silverman was, in fact, on his show last night, the proposal actually went to T.I., whose unique brand of laid-back, convicted-felon humor (rightly) got more laughs than Silverman-Kimmel’s scripted avoidance of their personal life. The Atlanta rapper, who claims people want to kill him because he’s famous, came prepared with airtight logic about the machine gun possession conviction that will have him start a one-year sentence next March: “You read the paper,” he told Kimmel, “and you say, ‘Why did this guy, on the day of the BET awards, have machine guns?’ But then, if you read that he got killed on the day of the BET Awards, you say, ‘Why didn’t he have machine guns?'” Whoa. I think he just blew my mind. No wonder Kimmel asked for his hand at the end (watch it in the clip below).