David Archuleta’s self-titled debut album (out Nov. 11) isstarting to make the press rounds, but without giving too much away(that’s what critic Chris Willman is for; look for his review innext week’s EW), we’d like to preview the American Idol runner-up’sextensive liner notes, which clock in at just over 3,500 words (2,000of which are his Thank You’s) and include 6 lol’s, 8 haha’s, and 16exclamation points. Some highlights:

Props to the fam:
Dad: Thanks for putting up with mefor so long, never giving up, and keeping your cool. You alwaysbelieved in me even during the times I didn’t, and you always try tolead me in the right direction. You’ve dedicated a lot of your time andI appreciate that. So thanks for all of your help.

Mom:You raised me to be who I am and have taught me so many things. Whenthings get frustrating, you’re there to try and lighten things up. I’velooked up to you for being very understanding, and trying to keepthings peaceful. Even though I’m pretty sure I get my communicationskills from you and we’re both bad with words (haha), you’re sensitiveto people’s emotions. Thanks for letting me do this.

More snippets from Archuleta’s liner-tome after the jump.

Thanksfor the advice you guys gave, and for your opinions on pictures andsongs for the albums (lol)… Jessie, you didn’t let me stay a hermit,and I’m glad for that (haha). Thanks for making me laugh all the time.Fish, for being so amazingly cool. Your obsession with taking picturesactually helped a lot with what was to come and you helped me get overmy fear of cameras (lol).

I’d also like to thank some ofthe artists who have inspired me to love music. Thank you Tamyra Grayand Kelly Clarkson for showing me how a performance can really moveyou. Thanks to Natalie Cole for being one of my biggest influencesmusically. Stevie Wonder for showing the creative and soulful side.Natasha Bedingfield for showing you can be yourself, and not belimited. Eva Cassidy for showing me that music can change lives forthe better. Thank you to my recent influences Jason Mraz, John Mayerand Sara Bareilles for helping remind me the artistic expressive sideand letting me have a good time listening too.

Shout-out to the UT:
Thank you to all of my neighborsand members from church who have shown their love and support everystep of the way… It has meant the world to me to see the support fromUtah, and I hope I make everyone there proud :) Go Murray, Utah!

All hail vocal coach Dean Kaelin:
It’s meant a lot tome that you were so willing to help out and would take time out of yourbusy schedule to do it whenever I was feeling worn out (haha). Youhelped me stay in my small space and keep my vowels narrow even thoughI still forget now and then. All those calls have done so much! Thanksfor sticking with me and helping me get through those rough years whenI had all those issues (lol).

American Idol and Fox:
Thanks for helping make thisdream come true… It’s amazing how many people were a part of thatexperience and each one of you made it an amazing memory for me…Thank you Wendy Wilhite! You were so understanding to the pressure andintense schedule, and being able to talk every day helped me getthrough the crazy schedule each week. Thanks for helping me get throughmy schoolwork and letters (haha). You made it so much fun… Thanks Jill Hudson, Alex Gillespie, Jennifer Sprague and DruLibby for getting me through the PR things smoothly while having a goodtime! haha

“My ‘family’ for the last year (haha)”:
Cook, Syesha,Jason, Brooke, Carly, Kristy, Michael Johns, Ramiele and Chikezie: Youhave all been so inspiring to be around, and I look up to you guys aton. You’ve been like my big brothers and sisters and I’ve had so muchfun. I hope we’ll still be able to keep in touch, and I look forward towatching you all grow in your careers. I really feel like you guys werethere looking out for me and helped me get through some of thedifficult moments, even if you didn’t realize it since I was alwayskinda in the background spacing out or whatever (lol). But thanks.

Not to harsh on Archie, but we’re barely skimming the surface here.He goes on (and on…and on…) to mention executives at 19Entertainment, Jive Records, songwriters and producers who worked onthe album — among them, new Idol judge Kara Dioguardi, DianeWarren, David Hodges and Robbie Neville (strangely absent is JC Chasez,with whom Archuleta co-wrote the track “Don’t Let Go”) — as well as hisbeloved Abuelita (grandma, whom he addresses in Spanish), members ofhis management team, the Idol tour crew, and finally, the fans.

Okay, so maybe he’s a little green, but how about being more green? Think of all the trees that had to give their lives for his CD packaging. Of course, as many of us know, a post-Idolrecording contract by no means guarantees you’ll have a follow-up, somaybe Archie just had to take the opportunity to get it all out. But ifthis isn’t an argument for transitioning to digital delivery, I don’tknow what is. Who’s with me?

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