By Aubry D'Arminio
October 30, 2008 at 09:14 PM EDT

Whovians, you knew it would happen. David Tennant, perhaps the best Time Lord ever, announced yesterday that he’s retiring his sonic screwdriver after 2009’s Doctor Who specials. Which begs the question: Who will/should replace him? Rumors have swirled about everyone from Eddie Izzard, to Robert Carlyle, to Rhys Ifans, to that bloke from History Boys, Russell Tovey. But my money’s on Irishman James Nesbitt or the hilarious Richard Coyle. Both have previous connections with new head writer and exec producer Steven Moffat (James starred in Jekyll, while Richard appeared in Coupling) and both are pretty damn versatile.

Yet, if I could cast my dream 11th Doctor, I’d go with either blondie Marc Warren (Hustle, State of Play) or scene-stealing Jason O’Mara (who currently rocks the U.S. Life on Mars). I know, I know, Warren’s been on the show before, but that hasn’t stopped David Morrisey and John Simm from being named as possible successors to Tennant’s TARDIS throne. And if O’Mara’s up for a little work during his summer break from Mars — that’s if poor, underrated Mars is even still around — I’d love to hear his real Irish accent more often.

That said, how brilliant would it be to see a woman in the role (AbFab icon Jennifer Saunders’ name has also been thrown in the mix). Former Doctor Paul McGann once mentioned he’d like to see Dame Maggie Smith or Diana Rigg’s kid, Rachael Stirling, get the part. He took some heat for it, but I’m up for a little Time Lady action, how about you?  Anyhow, if you were in Mr. Moffat’s shoes, who would you cast as the new Doctor?

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