By Lisa Raphael
October 28, 2008 at 07:20 PM EDT

I’ll admit, I was watching the VP debate and thinking to myself, I have wire-rim half glasses, I could rock the partial updo, now all I need is a sharp red suit….But after perfecting my Sarah Palin accent, I came to terms with the fact that I would be one of a thousand VP hopefully notstrick-or-treating for moose pelts and off-shore drilling. There’salways a crop of annual costumes that are over-played long beforeOct. 31 rolls around, and with this year’s heated election on everyone’s mind, that Obama and/or McCain mask youbought for Halloween should be used instead as decoration at your Election Day party, five days later.

Another one we’re already sick of seeing is the Joker, as played bythe late and better-than-great Heath Ledger. Everyone saw The Dark Knight(once or thrice), and we were all wowed by his performance, but donningthe duds, makeup, and accent is not only a little morbid, it’ssuperfluous. No one could be a better Batman villain than Ledgerhimself, and didn’t you use up all of your face paint when you dressedup for the movie premiere anyway?

So who or what are you guys not dressing up as for Halloween this year?Ever fall victim to the “great idea!” costume only to find out thateveryone else had the same thought? Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Packwill be popular picks, but what about a sexy Joanne the Plumber or JaneBoxed Wine — equally overdone or just plain clever?