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Róisín Murphy, Irish dance-pop chanteuse and my personal Jesus (for real — check out this killer desktop background), played Friday night at NYC’s The Mansion as part of CMJ. I’m happy to report that Róisín donned the same white mock turtleneck she rocks in the “Let Me Know” video, enabling many quick-and-easy outfit changes. She strutted out first in a spangly black cape thing, then — seemingly inspired by her own lyric, “You know what to expect” — she showed off what all of us superfans were really waiting for. TYPICALLY INSANE/AWESOME COSTUMES! I’m still torn on what my favorite overcoat of hers was — the white, feathery fur one with the poofy shoulders, or the plaid one that featured a big ol’ deer built into the shoulders (pictured)? There’s really no need to decide.

I believe I spilled the most cocktail onto my nice winter coat when Róisín launched into her former band Moloko’s lovelorn anthem “Forever More.” But for me, the best part of the concert came at the end of my favorite song from Overpowered, “Primitive.” Here, Róisín engaged in a full-on freakout, wrestling with the mic stand, a bandmate, and eventually just the entire venue’s collective despair that the song was over. You can check out a video of that noise after the jump — but beware, I’m screaming a lot in it. And the quality’s poor. And I swear at the end. But who cares? It was a moment. We are animal, one and all.

Thanks for hitting the States again, my sparkly European idol. Y’all come back now, y’hear? (And please play in Chicago!)

“Of course!”