By Lisa Raphael
Updated August 04, 2020 at 02:26 PM EDT
Credit: R Mickshaw/Getty Images

I have to be honest, PopWatchers, the Apocalypse could have gone down this week and I would not have noticed. I was a little consumed with living out my lifelong dream of walking around NYC barefoot with Hanson, no big deal. But after looking through this week’s comment-filled posts, it seems that more things happened than just my tryst with the trio. Below, your top ten most commented-on posts for this week!

10. Mandi Bierly forbade Bon Jovi from effing with anymore of his songs

9. Hollywood conservatives complained about their closeted lives

8. Terrence Howard talked about Iron Man 2, losing his 401(k)

7. Lost fans got a much anticipated preview of the new season

6. Marc Bernardin brainstormed with PDubbers on how to save Heroes

5. We wondered if Ellen’s speech about Sarah Palin can alter people’s opinions…

4. Twilight-aphiles listed the many reasons Robert Pattinson should host SNL

3. Michael Slezak publicly ended his relationships with Fringe and True Blood. (It wasn’t him, it was them!)

2. Popwatchers debated whether Guns N’ Roses’ new single is worth the super long wait

1. American Idol fans chose sides on the NEVER-ENDING battle of which David is the Entertainer of the Year. And the Jason Castro fans came out for the showdown, too!

Side note: Maybe Wook Kim’s post on the fainting goats wasn’t the most commented story of the week, but I think it should have been. Come on people, fainting goats or David Archuleta? Is it really a contest?

— Additional reporting/musing by Jami Lundborg

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