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Updated October 24, 2008 at 11:38 PM EDT

Ugly Betty

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After a couple of serious episodes, Ugly Betty roared back last night with a quip-filled episode of pure fun. Lindsay Lohan was back as Kimmie Kegan! Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) and Daniel (Eric Mabius) went on a date! Marc (Michael Urie) and Amanda (Becki Newton) were as nasty as ever! The target of most of the jabs: Betty (America Fererra), of course! And I’ve rounded up those jabs here. Watch our video of the top three bites of the night, and then cast a vote for your fave in our poll below. A digest of the best lines follow the jump — if I missed some of your faves, let me know on the message board!

“Well, on the spectrum of our family’s vices, work is a lothealthier than murder.” — Claire (Judith Light), after Betty suggeststhat Daniel is working too much

“Nothing says romance like missing limbs!” — Wilhelmina, at Daniel’s “Love is a Battlefield”-themed photo shoot

“Oh for God’s sake, it’s not real dog — it’s rare albino leopard!”— Wilhelmina, after an animal-rights group complains about her wearingfur

“I’m bored! See, this is a perfectly hideous outfit you’re wearing,but I’ve already mocked it. Where am I supposed to find jobsatisfaction?” — Amanda, complaining to Betty

“I mean, a blue-collar British kid from a coal-mining town with aflair for dance. It’s like it was written for me!” — Justin (MarkIndelicato), on his impending audition for Billy Elliot on Broadway

“I am sure this happened to Patti LuPone!” — Justin, after a classmate makes fun of him for his Broadway aspirations

This exchange between Marc and Amanda:
Marc: “What if we accidentally shaved half of Betty’s head while she slept. That’d be something new to mock.”
Amanda: “It’s funny, but it seems like a lot of work.”
Marc: “Yeah, and she might actually look better.”

“Wow, throw a poncho and sideburns on that girl, she could be you,Betty.” — Marc, after new temp assistant Kimmie makes a Betty-esqueblunder

“I was updating Daniel’s contacts, and I got us into all the hotclubs. I’ve tried to get in before, but it’s like they could smell thebridge and tunnel on me. But tonight, you and me are VIP.” — Kimmie, tonew BFF Betty

“You’re pretty. I just assumed you weren’t because you’re a friend of Betty’s.” — Amanda, to Mode temp Kimmie

“Well, Marc doesn’t fulfill all of my needs. God knows he’s given itthe old college try.” — Wilhelmina, explaining her need to find a man onher date with Daniel

“I’m not lonely, I’m horny!” — Wilhelmina, after Daniel suggested she was looking to date because she was lonely

“You can’t set the boat on fire. Explosives work better. We didn’t plan ahead.” — Wilhelmina, revealing her flair for destruction

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