The star's favorite episodes from her eponymous series

By Tanner Stransky
October 24, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

The comedian fondly cites the pilot, an episode from the critically reviled final season, and a few shows in between as her favorites from the series. Here, she reveals what made them so special.

Life and Stuff (Season 1)
Featuring Roseanne digging at men while on break with the gals at the factory, the pilot ”was so in-your-face in its feminism,” Barr remembers.

A Stash From the Past (Season 6)
Barr refers to this episode, where Roseanne and Dan get high on old weed, as ”the pot show” and loves its ”hilarious and subversive” content.

White Men Can’t Kiss (Season 7)
”I think that was our most important show,” Barr says. ”Roseanne is liberal, but realizes, to her chagrin, that she is also a bit of a bigot.”

December Bride (Season 8)
The nuptials for pals Leon (Martin Mull) and Scott (Fred Willard) ”cost me sleepless nights about whether I would be canceled or not,” Barr says.

Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti (Season 9)
Barr defiantly calls this episode, where the nouveau riche visit Martha’s Vineyard, ”the edgiest political material ever on an American TV sitcom.”

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