By Jeff Probst
Updated October 24, 2008 at 03:44 PM EDT

First off, let me just say that this will be short. No reason. Just not a lot to say this week. It happens. You’ll see. One day it will happen to you too. No cause for alarm. It’s not any physical abnormality. It just happens sometimes. Deal with it. I am.

Okay, can we start with what is becoming my favorite story line…Sugargoing to Exile Island. The best part is that while they think they arepunishing her, little do they know she is living it up, eating betterthan anyone, and she misses out on all the camp chores. Camp life canreally suck. Not for Sugar. Didn’t I tell you you’d be rooting for her.Admit it. You are. You can’t help it. Yes, she cries a lot, but she’sgrowing on you. Admit it. She is.

Then there’s Ace…was he a challenge hog trying to raise that flag all by himself? You know, like Kobe Bryant of the Lakers who never passes to anybody. Or was he just doing what any savvy person would do when confronted with the fact that his tribe still sucks and if he waited on them to contribute he’d still be there.

Personally, I say taking matters into his own hands was the right move in that challenge. Dude’s playing for a million dollars.

Trusting Ace however is a whole ‘nother ball game. Sugar seems to trust him but I’m guessing you don’t. Admit it. You don’t. I wouldn’t either. It’s that damn accent. Here’s something you can trust, I’m gonna find out at the Reunion Show if the accent is real or not.

Gotta talk about the turtle. Here’s the deal…my friend Sean is a hunter. My cousin Darren is a hunter. Sarah Palin is a hunter. A lot of my friends are hunters. I’m not. Neither is Sheetal, for the record. In fact, she really doesn’t like hunters much at all. So, she pretty much hates the entire Kota tribe for killing the turtle. She thinks they had plenty of rice so why kill a “perfectly harmless minding-his-own-business” turtle. I tell her I don’t know, ask Gov. Palin.

By the way, VOTE Nov. 4th.

Now let’s deal with Kelly. I miss her already. I won’t say it, but admit it, you do too. She’s cute. Sure she’s young and has a lot to learn and a lot of life to live. But so do you, so get off your damn soapbox and cut her a break. She did her best. She should be proud.

That’s it. Remember, these are free.

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