By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 04, 2020 at 07:34 AM EDT

Desperate Housewives

“Gale Harold is out of intensive care and improving daily,” a rep for the Desperate Housewives actor, who was injured Oct. 14 in a motorcycle accident, said in a statement issued Thursday night. “A full recovery is expected. He thanks everyone for their good wishes.”

Now that we know Gale Harold — who, you may have noticed, has his own category on PopWatch — is recovering nicely, I’d like to take a moment to do the following:

1. Remind people that the correct way to inform someone that a person he or she enjoys has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident is not to send an e-mail with the subject line “Gale!!!” It’s true, three exclamation points does convey a sense of urgency, but chances are your friend will be thinking that the emergency is something good, like, a rare talk show appearance that she or he needs to tape. Recommended reading on the proper handling of a PCH (Pop Culture Heartache): The PopWatch Confessional (Vol. 36). Have more tips/stories? Share them below.

2. Inform my colleague Michael Slezak that I will not be returning the giant comforting cheeseburger-shaped pillow that I borrowed from his office on Oct. 15 (after reading an email with the subject line “Gale!!!”). I know it was a gift (from Annie Barrett, naturally), but I’ve never once seen him hold it the way I did that day. (At my desk. As I worked.)

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