Betty White's world -- The ''Golden Girls'' actress talks about her notable roles after Rose Nylund

By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated October 24, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

Betty White’s world

Does TV legend Betty White (who returns to Boston Legal on Oct. 27) ever slow down? She did when we asked her about some of her notable post-Golden Girls TV roles.

Boston Legal (2006-present)
Felonious secretary Catherine Piper.
”She committed murder, robbed two convenience stores, kidnapped her best friend, and [now] she’s set fire to her doctor’s office and blew him up. Maybe David E. Kelley knows another Betty White that I don’t!”

Ally McBeal (1999)
Troublemaking doctor Shirley Flott.
”I was trying to get Ally to take pills. I had this little vest with all these pockets with little bottles. The ones that I liked best were the suppositories, because they gave you a little giggle.”

Maybe This Time (1995-96)
White played coffee-shop owner Shirley opposite Marie Osmond in this short-lived sitcom.
”It wasn’t a very good show. The writing was not up to snuff. Actors like to think they’re the ones who make the parts, but you can’t do it without the writers.”

The Bold and the Beautiful (2006-present)
Hard-nosed matriarch Ann Douglas.
”Those people don’t mess around. You get minimal rehearsal. When you’ve never done a soap opera, you’d better be on your toes. You have to go in prepared — or you die lousy.”