By Dave Karger
Updated October 22, 2008 at 11:06 PM EDT

One of the many wrenches the late addition of The Reader threw into the Oscar race was the question of whether Kate Winslet, who also stars in the upcoming domestic drama Revolutionary Road, would have to compete against herself for a nomination. Well, word has now come from the Weinstein Co. (the studio releasing The Reader) that she’ll be campaigned in the Best Supporting Actress category for that film, leaving Revolutionary Road her only shot at a Best Actress nod. Could she now earn her sixth and seventh Oscar nominations and score dual acting nods like Cate Blanchett did last year? I’d love to see that happen.

Though Winslet can now breathe a sigh of relief, the issue still remains unresolved for her Reader costar, Ralph Fiennes. He delivered a strong supporting performance in The Duchess, but his role in The Reader, which he shares with a younger actor named David Kross, could fit in either category. Right now the Weinstein Co. has him slated for Best Actor, which is a tough category already. If he ends up in the supporting race for The Reader (and he’s said to be fantastic in the film), he’ll be in the less competitive race but may risk splitting his own vote. Next time, Ralph, can you try being horrible in one of your movies so we don’t have to stress over things like this?